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November 21, 2003

FTAA - Free Trade Area of the Americas

Draft Agreement

Chapter XXIV Final Provisions

CHAPTER XXIV Final Provisions

Article 1. [Annexes]

1.1. The Annexes to this Agreement are an integral part thereof.

Article 2. Implementation of[modifications to the FTAA Agreement] [Changes Approved by the Council]

2.1. The Parties shall implement the decisions of the Council referred to in this Article, in accordance with their national legislation.

[2.2. In the specific case of Article 1 (Council) of the Chapter on Institutional Framework, the following procedure shall be applied:

a) In the case of Costa Rica, the agreements reached by the Parties shall be equivalent to the instrument referred to in the third paragraph of Article 121.4 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Costa Rica.]

Article 3. [Remuneration and Payment of Expenses]

[3.1. The remuneration of the members of the neutral panel, their assistants and experts, their travel and lodging expenses, and all of the general expenses incurred by the neutral panels shall be covered by the FTAA Secretariat.]

[3.2. Every member of a neutral panel and every assistant and expert shall keep a record and submit a final tally of their time and expenses, and the neutral panel shall keep a similar record and submit a final bill to the FTAA Secretariat documenting all of the general expenses.]

Article 4. [Reservations]

[4.1. This Agreement shall not be subject to reservations [or unilateral interpretative declarations] at the moment of its ratification.]

Article 5. [Amendments]

[5.1. The Parties may agree upon any modification or amendment to this Agreement.]

[5.2. When so agreed [by each Party] and approved in accordance with each Party’s corresponding legal procedures, the [modifications] and amendments shall constitute an integral part of this Agreement.]

Article 6. Authentic Texts

6.1. The Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese texts of this Agreement are equally authentic.

Article 7. Withdrawal

7.1. Any Party may withdraw from this Agreement and such withdrawal shall take effect after a period of […] * from the date on which […] receive written notification thereof from the Party.

7.2. The Agreement shall remain in force for the remaining Parties.

Article 8. Entry into force

8.1. This Agreement shall enter into force no later than on 31 December 2005 [for those Parties that have ratified it.]

Article 9. Accession

[9.1. This Agreement may be acceded to by other States in the Hemisphere, under the conditions agreed to by its initial members.]


Chapter XXIV

*  In Spanish and Portuguese version only “[…] months from the date…”.

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