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Provisions on Trade in Services in Trade and Integration Agreements in the Western Hemisphere

Part I: Sub-regional Trade and Integration Agreements
XVII. Technical Cooperation

PART II, Article IV - Increasing Participation of Developing Countries
The increasing participation of developing countries in world trade shall be facilitated through negotiated specific commitments, by different Member pursuant to Parts III and IV of this Agreement, relating to:
(a) the strengthening of their domestic services capacity and its efficiency and competitiveness inter alia through access to technology on a commercial basis;
(b) the improvement of their access to distribution channels and information networks; and
(c) the liberalization of market access in sectors and modes of supply of export interest to them.

Developed country Members, and to the extent possible other Members, shall establish contact points within two years from the entry into force of the Agreement Establishing the WTO to facilitate the access of developing countries' service suppliers to information, related to their respective markets, concerning:
(a) commercial and technical aspects of the supply of services;
(b) registration, recognition and obtaining of professional qualifications; and
(c) the availability of services technology.

Special priority shall be given to the least developed countries in the implementation of the paragraphs above.

PART IV, Article XXV - Technical Cooperation
Service suppliers of Members which are in need of such assistance shall have access to the services of contact points referred to in paragraph 2 of Article IV.
Technical Assistance to developing countries shall be provided at the multilateral level by the WTO Secretariat and shall be decide upon by the Council for Trade in Services.

No general article.
For information specific to Telecommunications sector see Article 1309 under NAFTA in Part III of this document.

Group of Three
Chapter X, Article 10-03: Technical Cooperation
The Parties, in the next twenty-four months after the entry into force of this Treaty, will establish a system to facilitate to service suppliers the access to information on their markets, relative to:
a) the commercial and technical aspects of the supply of services;
b) the possibility of obtaining technology on services;
c) those aspects considered relevant to this topic by the Commission.

The Commission will advise the Parties of the adoption of the necessary measures for the completion of the provisions in the above paragraph.

For information specific to Telecommunications sector see Article 11-09 under the GROUP OF 3 in Part III of this document.

Not Specified.

Not Specified.

Andean Community
Not Specified.

Central America/Dominican Republic
Article 10.16 Committee on Trade in Services
The Committee on Trade in Services is established and, will, among other things
(e) facilitate the exchange of information between the Parties and cooperate for the assistance on trade in servicios.

Not Specified.

Chapter XVI: Scientific and Technologic Cooperation
Article 38

The Contracting Parties will seek to facilitate and support cooperation and joint initiatives for science and technology, as well as joint investigation projects.

For such, they may agree on programs of reciprocal technical assistance, destined to raise levels of productivity, obtain the best use of available resources and stimulate the improvement of competitive capacity, in regional and international markets.

Chapter XVII: Scientific and Technologic Cooperation
Article 44

The signatory Parties shall encourage actions oriented to the execution of joint projects for scientific and technological cooperation. They shall also execute programs for the diffusion of the progress achieved in this field.

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